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Monday, June 4, 2018

Hanover Summer Medical Camp

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

Joint effort between Revera and Launch Pad

Hanover is trying to tackle a shortage of skilled medical personnel in a unique way.

In a skill development exercise the Town’s Economic Development Committee is bring Revera Living a long term care and retirement home and Launch Pad the youth technology centre together.

Economic Development Manager April Marshall says Revera is teaming up with Launch Pad to offer a Summer Medical Camp program.

Marshall says this is a great opportunity to introduce young people to the many career opportunities that exist in the medical community.

Deputy Mayor Selwyn Hicks calls it an fantastic opportunity for young people to receive some valuable skills training to explore if this is a possible future career path.

He notes locally it is no secret that long term care facilities are struggling to recruit new staff.

Hicks says there is real need for skilled workers in the long term care industry, and this is a great opportunity to spark an interest in this career path with young people.

He adds, not only is there a great need for more skilled workers in the medical field, it is also a career field that pays well.

Hicks calls this a creative way to address a local shortage of skilled workers.

The Summer Medical Camp program comes as Hanover’s Revera prepares for a future build project in Hanover.

Revera a 70 bed facility located at the west end of Hanover will undergo a new build project in order to accommodate an expansion to 96 beds.

Revera is currently in talks with the Town of Hanover and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care regarding a site location for the build project.

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