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Monday, May 28, 2018

Local Bus Service Ends June 1st.

Regional | by Claire McCormack  

Bruce Peninsula Transit Operator says he can't afford to keep buses running.

Bruce Peninsula Transit will shut down operation June 1st. 

Manager Jeff Leonard says he just doesn't have the money or any government funding to keep it going. 

A Facebook post from May 23rd on the Bruce Peninsula Transit page says "Due to the lack of government funding, as they will only fund municipally or county operated transit systems.  With the overwhelming costs of operation, we will cease the transit buses as of June 1, 2018. We thank all riders for their support and kind words."

According to Leonard, it costs about $9,400 a month to operate his two-bus service  each month and he's making $500 a month. 

Leonard says if he could get some funding he'd start up again, but he can't pay for the service by himself. 

"Even if I got one month's funding together, I'd run for another month," says Leonard. 

Bus tickets cost $7 per ride, regardless of destination and $110 a month. 

Raising the cost of a ticket isn't something he wants to do, "Well, you could, but how much are you going to raise it to? It's the people who can't afford a car, the financially challenged people, the elderly people that are on a fixed income."

He notes many of them have mobility challenges but don't always want to use a mobility bus "They can ride with pride with us, they're not singled out."

Leonard thinks most of his riders could be stranded without the service, saying some were even using it to get to and from work. 

Leonard has approached some of them, and hopes local politicians will bring it to people's attention and the attention of Grey and Bruce Counties as wells as the province.  

He notes, "They want less cars and more people at Sauble beach but if if there's no transportation to get there, you can't go," he adds, "We have a blind lady who goes once a week from Owen Sound to Sauble Beach and now she cant go." 

Last year Leonard ran two buses, one up to Tobermory and one from Owen Sound to Sauble beach. Right now he's going from Cape Croker to Owen Sound. The Sauble Route would have started June 1st. 

According to Leonard, very few people took the bus to Tobermory "The most people I ever had on that bus was three people, " says Leonard, adding, "The national park said I could not take the bus in there."

Leonard does still run a charter coach bus that can be booked for trips.

He says originally, his business plan included the idea of bus-side advertising "I couldn't sell advertising this year if I didn't know if I was going to run," says Leonard. 

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