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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Brockton Council Approves Pay Raise

Owen Sound | by Robyn Garvey  

Move comes as a result of federal changes that eliminate municipal councillor exemption

A Federal government decision to remove the tax exemption for municipal
councilors has prompted Brockton Council to approve a pay raise for the next

Come 2019, municipal councilors will have to declare 100 percent of their
council earnings as opposed to the current practice which only requires them to
declare two thirds of their income.

A federal tax exemption that was put in place in 1947 under the Income Tax
Act allowed councilors to have a one-third tax free allowance.

To offset the loss of this one-third tax free allowance, Brockton has decided
to boost council salaries as well as implement an annual increase in pay.

This gross up in pay will equate to an annual ongoing increase of 3.5%. (or
higher if the consumer price index exceeds 1.5%.)

The new 2019 Council salaries will represent an overall operation increase in
expense of $13,295 for Brockton..

This will put council salaries at $14,581 ($804 increase) the deputy mayor’s
salary at $17,494 ($965 increase) and the mayor’s salary at $29,144 ($1,607)

Councilor Chris Peabody was the lone councilor to oppose the salary

He disagrees with Council’s decision to compensate for the one-third tax free
exemption through local dollars.

Peabody believes that Brockton Councilors should simply take the hit rather
than seeking additional compensation from the tax base.

Mayor David Inglis however believes the raise in pay for the next Council is

He says it will not only offset the loss of the tax allowance, but it will
also put Brockton Council salaries in the mid range of pay compared to other
municipal council’s Brockton’s size.

The council salary increases will take effect in 2019 and were based on the
recommendation of a an independent citizen committee that reviewed council

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