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Monday, May 21, 2018

Lakes Interest Sparks Concern in Brockton

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Councillor Chris Peabody questions attendance of Hanover councillors at Lake Association meeting

Thou shalt not covet they neighbor’s lakes, that the message Brockton has for
the Town of Hanover.

Brockton Councilor Chris Peabody is questioning the motives behind Hanover
Council’s recent interest in a Lake Rosalind Property Owners Association meeting
and workshop.

Peabody calls it unnerving that Hanover Councilors along with two senior Town
staff members attended the recent Lake Association meeting and workshop.

He calls this extremely unusual because Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake reside in
Brockton - not Hanover.

What Peabody found incredibly disturbing was the comments of one Hanover
Councilor to him following the meeting.

Peabody claims that following the meeting a Hanover Councilor told him
that while Hanover would never initiate an annexation of the Marl Lakes, if the
Lake residents filed a petition Hanover would certainly act on it.

Hanover CAO Brian Tocheri dismisses this concern, saying Hanover had
no ulterior motive attending the Lake Association meeting and

Tocheri said Hanover Councilors were invited to the meeting by a lake
resident in order to participate in the ’How to keep your Lake Healthy’

Tocheri notes that Hanover draws 50 percent of its drinking water from Ruhl
Lake which is located in Brockton near Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake, and as such
it made good sense for Hanover to participate in the workshop.

Peabody however is not yet convinced.

He jests that perhaps Brockton should take some tips from West Grey Mayor
Kevin Eccles who Peabody says has done a pretty good job at blocking Hanover’s
advances on the east.

Peabody says Brockton now needs to work on blocking any Hanover advances from
the west.

Lake Rosalind and Marl Lake are located just a few kilometers from Hanover,
within the municipality of Brockton.

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