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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Brockton Studies Wastewater Options

Brockton | by Robyn Garvey  

Federal legislation mandates changes by 2021

By 2021 Federal legislation mandates that all municipal wastewater treatment plant effluent discharge is to be free of chlorine residual.

In order to comply with the new legislation, Brockton is conducting a study to determine its best course of action.

A Green Municipal Fund grant of 18 thousand dollars will help cover just over half of the $33,600 dollar study.

Director of Operations Colin Saunders calls it good legislation that will help protect aquatic life.

Saunders says the legislation doesn't mean chlorine will be banned, just that it can not be discharged into the environment.

Saunders says the study will help determine the best alternative to chlorine or how to best neutralize it.

One option may be to continue with chlorine, but adding a neutralizing agent to the water.

Of course that will mean adding another chemical to the river.

Another possible option is moving to an ultra violet light system, however this will be a very costly.

Saunders says Brockton will wait for the results of the study which will give the municipality a better idea of what its best options are.

The municipality has retained B.M. Ross and Associates Limited to conduct the study at a cost of $33,600.

The study will be complete and a report and recommendations should be before Brockton Council by the end of July.

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