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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Homelessness Count In Perth

Perth cty | by Peter Jackson  

The Survey will develop new ways of helping the homeless

 Understanding the nature and scope of homelessness and developing programs designed to lead to appropriate services, are the reasons for a homelessness survey in Perth County.

Stratford and several other Perth County communities are involved in a survey aimed at the reasons for homelessness, and what programs are needed to help those without a permanent residence.

The survey is being conducted by the Stratford Social Services Department and the Stratford, Perth County & St. Marys Alliance to Prevent Homelessness and Enhance Housing Solutions.

The wide-ranging project will attempt to count those living on the streets, in shelters, their vehicles, as well as people who "couch-surf" from one friend's home to another.

While looking to develop new ways of helping the homeless, the survey also seeks to connect them with existing programs and community supports.

The count will take place this week in Stratford, Listowel, Mitchell and St. Marys.
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