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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Men's Fastball Sked

Owen Sound | by Bayshore News Staff  

Season Starts May 23rd


Owen Sound Men's Fastball League Schedule

Wednesday May 23 
7:00PM  Duncan Major    Sutherlands    @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan Major      Yellow Jackets  @ Jets

7:00PM  Duncan South Shallow Lake @ Allenford
8:30PM  Duncan South Williamsford  @ Tara


Monday May 28  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Ram   @ Shallow Lake
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Jets      @ Williamsford
7:00PM  Duncan South Sutherlands      @ Yellow Jackets
8:30PM  Duncan South Tara                  @ Allenford


Wednesday May 30 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Allenford        @ Williamsford
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Sutherlands   @ Shallow Lake


Monday June 4  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Tara              @ Sutherlands
8:30PM  Duncan Major Allenford        @ Yellow Jackets
7:00 PM  Duncan South Jets               @ Shallow Lake
8:30 PM   Duncan South Ram              @        Williamsford


Wednesday June 6 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Ram         @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Allenford   @ Tara
7:00PM  Duncan South Yellow Jackets @ Shallow Lake
 8:30PM  Duncan South Sutherlands     @ Williamsford


Monday June 11  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Tara   @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan Major   Sutherlands    @ Allenford
7:00PM  Duncan South Yellow Jackets @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan South Williamsford  @ Shallow Lake


Wednesday June 13 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Jets @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Tara @ Yellow Jackets


Monday June 18  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake  @ Tara
8:30PM  Duncan Major 26 Williamsford    @ Ram
7:00PM  Duncan South Sutherlands  @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan South Yellow Jackets @ Allenford


Wednesday June 20 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Allenford     @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Ram              @ Yellow Jackets


Monday June 25    
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Ram  @ Sutherlands
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Jets     @ Yellow Jackets


Wednesday June 27 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Williamsford      @ Tara
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake    @ Allenford


Wednesday July 4 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Williamsford           @ Yellow Jackets
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake         @ Sutherlands
7:00PM  Duncan South Tara                        @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan South Jets                         @ Allenford


Monday July 9  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake   @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Williamsford   @ Sutherlands
7:00PM  Duncan South Ram                 @ Allenford
8:30PM  Duncan South Yellow Jackets @ Tara


Wednesday July 11
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Sutherlands   @ Tara
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Yellow Jackets @ Ram


Monday July 16  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Yellow Jackets @ Williamsford
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake   @ Sutherlands
7:00PM  Duncan South Allenford  @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan South Jets  @ Tara


Wednesday July 18 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Williamsford    @ Jets
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake    @ Ram
7:00PM  Duncan South Allenford            @ Sutherlands
8:30PM  Duncan South Tara                  @ Yellow Jackets


Monday July 23  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Yellow Jackets   @ Sutherlands
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Allenford      @ Jets
7:00PM  Duncan South Tara              @ Shallow Lake
8:30PM  Duncan South Ram          @ Williamsford


Wednesday July 25 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Shallow Lake  @ Williamsford
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Tara          @ Jets

Monday July 30  
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Sutherlands @ Ram
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Tara           @           Williamsford
7:00PM  Duncan South Allenford     @ Shallow Lake
8:30PM  Duncan South Jets           @           Shallow Lake

Wednesday August 1 
7:00PM  Duncan Major  Jets     @ Sutherlands
8:30PM  Duncan Major  Ram     @ Tara
7:00PM  Duncan South Shallow Lake  @ Yellow Jackets
8:30PM  Duncan South Williamsford  @ Allenford

**End of Regular Season Schedule.

**There will be a league meeting on Wednesday August 1. - between games
**No games to be played on the Holiday Monday August 6.
**Playoffs to begin Wednesday August 8.

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