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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sun Shines On Phoenix

Orillia | by Bayshore News Staff  

Mariposa Gymnastics Meet


Competition Results from Mariposa Sunshine Invitational

Georgian Bay Phoenix Gymnasts had another successful weekend at competition, earning some fantastic results in Orillia, ON. Several top 3 AA achievement's and top 3 event placings. Many of the competitors representing Phoenix this past weekend were our youngest competitive athletes with many age 6-10 yrs old. Phoenix Pride


ODP Beginner, Age 6 : Carly Edmonstone


ODP level 1, Age 7-9: Estella Harvie Gold; Maeve Kivell Silver; Piper Carrick Silver; Mischa Savage Silver; Callie Sarvis Silver; Emily Rourke Silver, Georgia Maluske Silver, Charlie Solazzo Silver


Level 1, Age 7
Madeline Carson 2nd vault & floor, 3rd bars & beam, 2nd AA
Abby Kivell 2nd beam, 3rd Floor, 4th vault & bars, 3rd AA
Odessa Walters 1st vault, 2nd bars, 4th beam, 6th floor, 4th AA


Level 1, Age 8
Raynah Cooke 1st vault, beam & floor, 4th bars, 1st AA
Jenna Cranny 2nd vault, 3rd bars & floor, 5th beam, 3rd AA
Megan Nissen 2nd bars, 4th vault, beam, 5th floor, 4th AA
Laila MacVicar 2nd floor, 3rd beam & vault, 6th bars, 5th AA
Special Award for best cast on bars
Avery Seaman 3rd floor, 5th vault & bars, 6th beam, 6th AA


Level 1, age 10
Kennedy Prescott 1st beam & floor, 3rd vault & bars, 1st AA
Special Award for most artistic floor


Level 2, Age 9
Avery Lorentz 2nd bars, beam & floor, 4th vault, 2nd AA
Claire Martin 2nd vault, 3rd bars & beam, 4th floor, 3rd AA


Level 2 Age 10
Sophie Carrick 1st beam, 2nd bars, 3rd floor, 4th vault, 1st AA
Emma Pausner 1st bars, 2nd beam & floor, 3rd vault, 2nd AA
Ryann Seaman 5th bars & floor, 6th vault & beam, 6th AA
Samantha Brough 2nd vault, 3rd bars, 5th beam, 6th floor, 5th AA


Level 2, Age 11
Eira Hutchison 2nd vault, 4th bars & beam, 6th floor, 2nd AA


Level 7 Age 12-14
Natalie Urquhart 1st vault & bars, 2nd beam & floor, 1st AA
Kylie McCutcheon 1st beam, 3rd floor, 4th vault & bars, 3rd AA


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