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Friday, April 27, 2018

CT Scanner Depends On Minister

Hanover | by Robyn Garvey  

The upcoming provincial election could cause a major delay for Hanover Hospital.

The upcoming provincial election could cause a major delay in Hanover getting its long awaited CT Scanner.

Its all down to the wire.

The Hanover and District Hospital needs one last signature to move forward with it CT project.

The Hospital was ecstatic to recently receive word from a Ministry Capital representative that the Hospital passed all four stages for CT approval and all that’s left is a signature.

Hospital CEO Katrina Wilson says she was told the approval papers are on the Minister’s desk awaiting that signature.

The concern however is whether that signature will come before May 1st.

May 1st is when the province goes into election mode and everything is put on hold and delayed.

If that signature is not given before May 1st, Wilson says it could delay the Hanover CT project by months.

If there is a change in government, it could even be longer.

Board Director Kathi Maskell says without that signature the Hospital can not move ahead with the three months worth of Hospital renovations to house the CT scanner or the CT scanner purchase.

Because of this, Hanover Hospital officials can't help but be anxious.

Wilson says the Hospital had planned to have the CT up and running by September, however if that signature is not given by May 1st, it could be a much longer road.

As such, the Hospital is reaching out to the Province through one of its associates in an attempt to move things

For Hanover Hospital, the CT approval has been a long and arduous uphill battle.

Despite the fact that a private 1.5 million dollar donation is financing the CT project, the Hospital has had to fight tooth and nail to get to this stage of approval.

This includes convincing the LHIN Board of Directors to reject a LHIN staff recommendation to deny Hanover's CT application.  

Many blame politics for that recommendation, as the Walkerton Hospital is also in the process of getting a new CT Scanner.

To combat this the Hanover community staged a massive CT rally, a large community bus trip to the LHIN Board of Directors Meeting and a letter writing and post card campaign.

To now be just a signature away from victory, it is keeping everyone at the Hanover Hospital in deep suspense.

The final signature from the Deputy Minister of Health is the very last hurdle for the Hanover District Hospital to jump through.

The Hospital had originally planned to have the CT purchased and up and running by September.

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