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Thursday, April 26, 2018

New Tech Allows Update On Huron Natural Heritage

Huron County | by Peter Jackson  

New aerial imagery on natural areas in Huron will be available for public consult in May, June.

Updated technology is allowing the County of Huron to update its draft natural heritage plan.

The County's senior planner, Denise Van Amersfoort says the document is a summary that will help shape future planning decisions with an eye to the surrounding environment.

She says upgraded mapping for the draft plan was made possible by advances in aerial photography, since the last round of public consultation in late 2016.

Van Amersfoort says a second round of public meetings featuring the updated mapping, is set for May and June in at least three locations across the County.

She notes that the plan is a background document, to help the County's nine municipalities when they update their individual official plans every five years.

The draft natural heritage plan was discussed by Goderich Town Council, during a presentation by Planner Victor Kloeze this week.

Councillor Myles Murdock expressed concern over the impact of urban development on natural features within town boundaries.

He also questioned the closest distance to features like wetlands and woodlots that farmers can work their land.

There was also a word of caution from Councillor Jim Donnelly, who worries about the prospect of over-regulation of the environment.

Donnelly believes the significance of certain environmental features is subjective, and could negatively influence future planning decisions.

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