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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

EPCOR Says Gas Project Will Bring Jobs

Kincardine | by Travis Jackson  

Southern Bruce County could see 200 temporary jobs and 10 to 15 permanent ones.

EPCOR is predicting some 200 temporary jobs will be created over the next few years during construction of a natural gas line in southern Bruce county.

It's expected 10-15 permanent jobs will be created for area residents once everything is up and running.

Company officials held a news conference at the Davidson Centre in Kincardine Tuesday, (April 17th) updating the area on the huge project.

EPCOR was given the green light recently to service Kincardine, Huron-Kinloss and Arran-Elderslie by the Ontario Energy Board.

The company proposal beat out a plan by Union Gas to serve the area, when EPCOR offered a lower total revenue requirement.

The next step is for EPCOR to apply to the OEB for leave to construct later this year.

It will include the rates the company is proposing to charge customers for natural gas, the route for the pipeline and environmental for the work which EPCOR began last summer.

Public information sessions will begin soon and will continue over the construction period.

EPCOR expects construction to begin in the spring 2019 with first customers connecting late in the year, and all customers within the service area having access to natural gas by 2021.

Capital work on the $100-million project will be paid for by EPCOR, and once hooked up, it will be a user-pay system, paid for by natural gas consumers, not the taxpayers of the three municipalities.

EPCOR representatives noted that converting your home appliances will be the only user pay cost of switching over to natural gas, and say that it could cost as little as $1000.

EPCOR says that they may offer financial incentives to convince potential customers to sign up.

The current coverage area is only the beginning. EPCOR says that as neighbourhoods grow, and interest is shown, expansion will continue.

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