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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wiarton Development To Go Ahead

Wiarton | by John Divinski  

Wiarton Gateway Development can continue now that an OMB appeal has been withdrawn.

South Bruce Peninsula council was all smiles as Clerk Angie Cathrae shared the good news.

An Ontario Municipal Board appeal, that was holding up residential development, just south of Wiarton, has been withdrawn and the planned project can move ahead.

Mayor Janice Jackson says it means the proposed Wiarton Gateway and eventually the Wiarton Meadows projects will go forward.

Mayor Jackson says "The developer and the appellant have come to an agreement....and the whole project doesn't have any barriers standing in its way."

The appellant, Sparling Propane, which is near the proposed site of the development, along the east side Highway 6 in Georgian Bluffs, wanted some changes made so that the business could still operate within a safe distance from any construction.

Jackson says the project will start off with the Wiarton Gateway, which will be eight townhomes that will be the gateway to Wiarton Meadows.

She says she expects construction to begin sometime this year since all the hurdles have been cleared.

John Tennant, the developer, wants to build up to 1,500 new residences over the next two decades on a 235-acre plot of land south of Wiarton, along the west side Highway 6 in South Bruce Peninsula.

The plan is to start with 150-homes in Phase One of Wiarton Meadows.

Before that though, they are developing that 8-unit facility at Gould and Ames Streets in Wiarton that will act as their model home display.

When everything is completed the development would be a mixture of single, multiple and apartment style housing, along with institutional and commercial properties, geared to adults.

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