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Saturday, March 17, 2018

Bruce Power Set to Replace Steam Generators

Kincardine | by John Divinski  

Contract signed with SGRT worth $130-Million to replace steam generators at Unit 6

With the stroke of a pen, Bruce Power has made a deal with a group called the Steam Generator Replacement Team (SGRT) worth $130-Million to replace steam generators at Unit 6 of Bruce Power.

SGRT is made up of AECOM, Aecon and Framatome.

Officials from all companies were on hand at the Framatome warehouse site, formerly AREVA NP, just north of Kincardine, on March 16th for the ceremony.

President and CEO of Bruce Power Mike Rencheck says this is just the beginning, saying "It's 130-million-dollars for Unit 6 and then (steam generator replacements) on Units 3 through 8 is about 800-million-dollars for all of them."

Rencheck says the work will go on for many years starting with 8 steam generators being replaced in Unit 6.

He says the used generators will be shipped to Ontario Power Generation's Western Waste Management Facility for storage.

You may recall back in 2010, Bruce Power tried to recycle similar generators during a replacement but there was opposition to the move because of concerns with safety during transit overseas, so the company dropped the plans.

Spokesperson for the Steam Generator Replacement Team, Robert LoCurto says they're already at work with design plans and they're on time and under budget.

He says most of the work is being done in Kincardine but some specialty work needs to be done the U. S. as well.

In a prepared release, LoCurto says "With our team in Kincardine, we are committed to developing our workforce locally and becoming an integral part of the community."

In nuclear energy facilities, steam generators use heated water to create steam, a key step in the process of producing electricity.

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