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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Brockton Wants To Be Ready For Pot Plant

Walkerton | by Robyn Garvey  

Re-zoning Walkerton’s East Ridge Business Park to attract a Medical Marijuana Facility.


If they zone it, they will come - at least that is the hope of Brockton Council.

The municipality is the process of rezoning 42 acres of Walkerton’s East Ridge Business Park in the hopes of attracting a Medical Marijuana Grow Operation Facility.

Mayor David Inglis says the municipality has received inquiries and met with a with a proponent interested in locating a medical marijuana facility in Brockton.

The inquires however have not limited to Brockton, Inglis notes many other Bruce County municipalities have also been approached.

He says it is a competitive process,

This is why Brockton is eager to be shovel ready by with the land zoned and the infrastructure in place to attract a Medical Marijuana Facility as soon as possible.

Inglis believes the East Ridge Business Park would be a perfect fit, and as such the municipality is working with the County Planner towards the rezoning needed to permit such a facility.

Inglis says it is a rigorous approval process regulated by Health Canada and as such Brockton is doing all it can to be as ready as possible.

Inglis adds a medical marijuana facility would provide the local economy with a real boom, this would not only include the construction work, but also all the new jobs a Medical Marijuana Facility would create.

He says many potential producers are looking for “shovel-ready” land that can be developed quickly.

By beginning the preemptive zoning process now, Brockton plans to be “shovel-ready” for potential Medical Marijuana Facility developers.

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