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Monday, March 5, 2018

Focusing On Rural Emergency Medicine

Lion's Head | by John Divinski  

A specialized training course is being held in Lion's Head to improve patient care.

Local nurses, family doctors and Bruce County paramedics from the Wiarton-Lion's Head-Tobermory area have been getting specialized training in rural medicine to further improve patient care.

The Comprehensive Approaches to Rural Emergencies or the CARE course has already been given at the Wiarton Hospital and on Monday, March 5th, the training is being offered at the Lion's Head facility.

This is the first time this course, developed in British Columbia, has been offered in Ontario.

In Wiarton, a teacher of the course, Doctor Rebecca Lindley says the training is designed specifically for small rural hospitals, where local patients with medical emergencies are cared for by general practitioners, nurses and paramedics.

Lindley says, "We know by providing good, solid, supportive educational opportunities, (the front line workers) will better understand what they're doing and therefore provide better patient care."

The program highlights issues such as airway management, trauma management, obstetrical management, along with neo-natal and pediatric care.

Another course teacher, Dr. Jel Coward says the concept is to have those professionals, who tend to develop their skills training separately from each other, to come together and work as a team with scenarios that could be presented them during the course of their work experiences.

According to a news release from Grey Bruce Health Services, the training is available to close to 50 participants from the three professions.

Coward says it's "Fantastic to see doctors, nurses and paramedics working along side each other as effective teams delivering great emergency care.  The area is very lucky to have teams like that."

The CARE course is being piloted in Ontario as part of a rural medicine initiative of the Ontario College of Family Physicians' Collaborative Mentoring Networks.

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