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Contentious Night at Wasaga Council 07/26/2017
councillor removed from table
Mobility Wheelchairs for Swimming 07/22/2017
Two 'mobi-chairs' are available for free with deposit at the Provincial Park office at Beach Area 3.
Auction to Help Wasaga Family 07/21/2017
hundreds of items donated for Saturday event at RecPlex
Vigil for Drowning Victims 07/19/2017
about 60 people bring candles to the Beach
Swimming Safety for Summer 07/16/2017
The Lifesaving Society of Canada says adults and children alike should take steps to prevent drowning.
Home Sales slipping in June 07/12/2017
Sales numbers fall back to more normal levels in Grey, Bruce and Simcoe counties.
Missing Alberta man is okay 07/12/2017
Grey county OPP found Robert Zukowski in Wasaga Beach
UPDATE: OPP Identify Drowning Victims 07/10/2017
The two men pulled from the water of the Nottawasaga River were not wearing life jackets.
Two drown at Wasaga Beach  07/9/2017
OPP say the men were not wearing life jackets when their raft overturned.
Three Impaired Drivers Taken Off The Streets 07/7/2017
Barrie police say all three were nabbed in a single evening.
Wasaga Beach To Keep Its Electrical Utility 07/7/2017
Residents were loud and clear in their opposition to sale of utility. this story contains audio!
Town Will Keep Wasaga Distribution 07/6/2017
The town of Wasaga Beach is keeping its electric utility.
Auction Event to Support Wasaga Family 07/6/2017
Birchview Dunes teacher has organised fundraiser for former student this story contains audio!
Fire crews rescue woman 07/6/2017
was in trouble in the Nottawasaga River
Special Council Meeting in Wasaga 07/6/2017
to award lease for one of the main end bars
Community Group's Survey 07/5/2017
The community group Do Not Sell Wasaga Distribution is out with its own survey findings.
Wasaga Transit Study 07/5/2017
A process is underway to look at how bus service could be made better.
Police tally long weekend tickets 07/5/2017
four visitors to the area accused of drunk driving
Lightning Strikes 06/30/2017
Lightning struck around the area on Thursday.
Results Of Hydro Phone Survey 06/29/2017
The results of the town's telephone survey on the future of Wasaga Distribution have been released.
Stunt Driving Charges for Two Drivers 06/29/2017
OPP say drivers were clocked 50 km/hr over the posted speed limit.
97.7 The Beach Is Tops 06/29/2017
New survey shows The Beach radio is most listened to around the area.
Wasaga Distribution Decision Date Set 06/28/2017
Wasaga Beach council will make a decision on whether to sell Wasaga Distribution a little sooner than expected.
Public Meeting On Wasaga Downtown 06/27/2017
Talking about plans for the future of Wasaga Beach at tonight's council meeting.
Wasaga'a Age Friendly Plan 06/23/2017
town unveils plans to make things easier for seniors.
Big Brothers/sisters need people in Wasaga 06/22/2017
mentors, funding needed
Wasaga Beach plans to be Age Friendly 06/22/2017
event today to unveil plans
Hemmerich Holes Eagle 06/21/2017
Kirkland 14th at Great Lakes Tour
New Wasaga Distribution Questionnaire 06/21/2017
You can now share your opinions on the future of Wasaga Beach's electric utility online.
Water Tower Paint Job 06/21/2017
One of the water towers in Wasaga Beach is getting a makeover.
Downtown Plans in Wasaga Beach 06/21/2017
developer being considered as partner to town this story contains audio!
Wasaga Still Calling for High School 06/21/2017
says 7-12 would make more sense than K-8
Wasaga Councillors talk Downtown Development 06/20/2017
the town has been looking for a partner
Lifesaving stations at Wasaga 06/19/2017
new equipment but no lifeguards yet
School Board Meeting Today 06/19/2017
to choose new trustee for Collingwood
Wasaga Student Creates OWL cover 06/13/2017
magazine put out call for what's cool about Canada
Rising Numbers of Home Sales and Higher Prices and  06/12/2017
386 units is a new all time high in monthly home sales. Average price $296,000
Wasaga Beach Man Charged With Manslaughter 06/8/2017
Pedestrian died in a hit and run in Toronto.
Real Estate Sales Still Strong 06/8/2017
record amounts of money changing hands
Plover Nests at Beach One 06/8/2017
two this year; there were five last year
Huron Shore Run Raises $60,000 06/5/2017
3rd straight win in Men's Half Marathon. Mitchell Belford 7 seconds faster than last year this story contains audio!
Vetrans Way Construction Begins 06/2/2017
project will cause delays
Wasaga Council debates RVs in town 05/31/2017
issue put off
Wasaga Council Meets Tonight 05/30/2017
will decide on hiring a new treasurer
Two Phone Surveys in Wasaga 05/29/2017
both asking about Wasaga Distribution
Phone Survey on Wasaga Distribution 05/26/2017
The Town will be calling households seeking input.
Crowded Meeting about Wasaga Distribution 05/25/2017
700 people at Recplex to hear about the options for the future
Stakeholders Gather to Develop Opioid Strategy 05/25/2017
Associate Medical Officer of Health says they are seeing more opioid related deaths in men and among low income earners. this story contains audio!
Adding up the Charges from Long Weekend 05/25/2017
Police in Wasaga say it was a busy time
Wasaga Distribution Meeting tonight 05/24/2017
panel of experts to talk about the future of the utility

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