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2012 Caring Nurse Award Winners

Read more below about some of the winners of the Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows Caring Nurse Award. To read more about the award or nominate someone to receive one, click here.

December 20th, 2012 -
Bayshore Broadcasting President Ross Kentner presents Bayshore's Caring Nurse award to three recipients at our head office in Owen Sound.

Ann Thompson, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Ann ThomsonRetired after nursing more than 30 years in Owen Sound, Ann responded to a shortage of nurses and is once again giving exemplary nursing care at the Grey Bruce Health Centre.  According to her nominator, Ann not only brings a wealth of knowledge and critical thinking, but she also contributes to an atmosphere of teamwork and excellence. For the younger staff, she is a popular "go to" person because of her resourcefulness and willingness to help.

Leanne Edwards RPN, Durham Hospital

Leanne EdwardsAccording to her nominator, Leanne is cut out for nursing because she always puts the needs of others first. She is the first to offer to stay late, take a call-in shift, or switch shifts for a co-worker. Described as sympathetic, competent, confident and professional, these qualities also spill into her personal life making her a popular mom in minor hockey and soccer circles.  She is also cited as a leader in continuing education, encouraging other RPNs to improve their qualifications.

Jennifer Cowan NP, South Grey Bruce Health Centre, Chesley

Jennifer CowanJennifer's nominator writes, “Medical professionals are healers in their simplest form but cannot physically heal if they cannot relate to and understand their patient.” Jennifer is described as caring and nurturing.  An educator and guidance counselor, as well as, a strong female role model to so many.

December 18th, 2012 -
Bayshore Broadcasting President Ross Kentner presents Bayshore's Caring Nurse award to two recipients at our head office in Owen Sound.

Garry O'Toole, RN, Owen Sound Regional Hospital

Garry OTooleGarry received multiple nominations from former patients and their families who describe him as a man who loves his job and does it well.  One patient who had a long convalescence described their care from Garry as “life changing.” He continued to check on her as she moved to different parts of the hospital and even after finally returning to work. She says, “Being caring, compassionate, friendly and sincere may be a lot of people’s description of a nurse, but Garry takes it to a whole new level.” Bayshore Broadcasting salutes Garry O’Toole RN, of the Grey Bruce Health Centre, as one of our first Caring Nurses.

Roberta (Bobbi) Jackson, RN, Lion's Head & Wiarton Hospitals

Roberta JacksonEven though retired for 18 years, Roberta is credited with saving a man’s life in September, 2011. A man collapsed at an event in Blyth. A bystander was administering compressions without success. In her experience, Roberta, believed that mouth-to-mouth resuscitation was also necessary and joined in efforts to revive the man. By the time an emergency medical team arrived, the stricken man had come to and been stabilized. Roberta’s nominator writes, “You never forget what you have practiced for so many years and you still do what comes care for people and do what it takes to save a life!”

November 23rd, 2012 -
Bayshore Broadcasting West Operations Manager Ian Solecki presented Bayshore's Caring Nurse Award to three nurses from the Huron County area.

Caring Nurse Award Winners 

Robyn Hewson NP, North Huron Family Health Team

Robyn HewsonCaring beyond the walls of a clinic or hospital is what led to Robyn’s nomination. One of her patients, a wife and mother of two, has dealt with depression, anxiety, and stress. Through the worst of it, Robyn kept in close contact in person and over the phone. Even when her patient was out of the area at school, Robyn would still check in on her during stressful times. Her nominator says she is “so thankful Robyn came into our lives.”

Kari Johnson NP, Maitland Medical Centre, Goderich

Kari JohnsonA nurse can spend as much time in the company of paperwork as patients. Kari was nominated by a patient of over four years, who described a visit to the clinic once when Kari expected to be in the office until 8pm to finish the day’s records. Despite that, Kari spent an hour talking with her patient about medical matters, listening to and discussing her concerns with sensitivity and compassion. 

Pauline Linton RN, Seaforth Community Hospital

Pauline works right on the front line – in the emergency room of the Seaforth Community Hospital. She is said to always greet ambulance crews with a huge smile, and an overwhelming sense of caring no matter how hectic or devastating the scenario may be. Her nominator serves on one of those ambulance crews, and respects how she always “puts herself out there for the care of the patient.”

November 3rd, 2012 -
Bayshore Broadcasting staff presented Bayshore's Caring Nurse award to four recipients from the Orillia area.

Shelly Dolson RN, Tudhope Manor, Orillia

Kim Calverley


Her nominator writes: "It took a great deal of time to find out if I would be able to come and live at Tudhope Manor. Shelly made me feel very welcome, she’s funny and caring. She took the time out… to be sure that Tudhope was a good fit for me, her only interest was that I was happy with my new home."

Kim Calverley, RPN, Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

Shelly Dolson

Her nominator writes: "Kim has worked at Orillia Soldiers Memorial Hospital for over 30 years, with experience on almost every floor. Her patients are very special to her and she cares for them with the utmost respect and compassion. If you were ever in the Hospital, Kim represents the vision you would have for yourself and your family when being cared for. Wherever the need arises, Kim is there. She’s the real deal, and I feel blessed to have Kim in my life."

Mamie De Groot, RN, CCAC Orillia

Mamie De Groot

Her nominator writes: "Mamie would come to our home for dressing changes for 7-8 months daily for my husband’s toes which developed ulcers due to poor circulation… and later had to have his leg amputated. She brought with her such cheer and encouragement which really helped my husband accept his condition. She has attended to many other residents, and each and every one have said how much they love her coming, and how she is honest and able to relieve stress of both patients and family caregivers. She is a wonderful and professional caring nurse."

Kory Whitlow, RN, Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital

Kory Whitlow

Her nominator writes: "Ms Whitlow has worked for me for over 2 years;, she was a labour and delivery nurse when I met her and started my family practice in Orillia. I came to know her as a caring and very competent clinical nurse. She has expanded her knowledge base a GREAT deal since joining me, and has gone on to take advanced nursing courses to keep up her knowledge to match my clinical profile. She now sits on the board of Hospice Orillia which truly enables her to advocate and care for her patients at a higher order than just the bedside. I can think of no better, all around, nurse who could care about patients in a personal and professional manner anymore than Ms. Kory Whitlow. I couldn’t do my job without her."

October 12th, 2012 -
Bayshore Broadcasting President Ross Kentner presented a plaque and rose to the first of 17 winners of the Caring Nurse Award at a seminar on planned giving sponsored by Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows in Owen Sound.

Caring Nurse Award Winners 

Shirley McCarthy RN, Centre Grey Hospital, Markdale

Shirley McCarthyAccording to her nominator, Shirley is the kind of nurse who can subtly administer attitude adjustment and she is especially good with children. Her humour helps tense people to relax. She has also tutored new graduates encouraging them to develop their nursing skills.

Margaret Thompson RPN, Lion's Head and Wiarton Hospitals

Margaret ThompsonIn a hockey accident January 22nd, 2012, Torey Hay had a main artery severed in his left arm. Fortunately, the Lion's Head Hospital was right around the corner. "I suffered life threatening blood loss. Through a critical time of excruciating pain and shock, Margaret never left my side. She gave me the assurance I needed to make it! Then she was the link between my family, medical team and me. My mom has often said how Margaret's care was crucial to my survival!"

Pauline Wyville RN, Meaford General Hospital

Pauline was nominated by a co-worker and by a member of her community. Both describe her as the nurse you want when you or a member of your family is rushed to the ER! They talk about her proficiency, her relationship with physicians and a calming presence that lets you know "all will be well."

Joan Stephenson, RN Owen Sound Family Health Centre

Joan StephensonEarly in her career, Joan volunteered for many trips and flights in all kinds of weather so patients could be transferred to major hospitals with the benefit of a familiar face beside them. Joan was nominated by her son, Derek, who says he was inspired by her example to pursue a career as a paramedic.


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