Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows

Bayshore's Healthy Tomorrows

Caring Nurse Award

You can ensure healthy tomorrows for future generations

The day will come when your loved one needs emergency care, a diagnostic test or even lifesaving surgery. You’d like to think they will receive the same standard of hospital care you enjoy today - or even higher!

Bayshore Broadcasting is proud to support local hospitals through the Healthy Tomorrows campaign. We seek to raise public awareness about legacy giving and encourage everyone to leave a legacy for their hospital.

Hospitals receive almost no provincial funding for medical & diagnostic equipment. Donations from individuals, businesses and service groups help our hospitals with their most urgent equipment needs.

For six weeks each spring and fall, Healthy Tomorrows promotes legacy giving on air through public service announcements and talk radio. Bayshore Broadcasting partners with hospital foundations benefitting twelve hospitals that serve our listening areas. Together, our goal is well equipped hospitals capable of delivering the very best in healthcare.

Bill Graham
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