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November 7, 2008
by: Manny Paiva

Have you had enough election talk?

Good, I want to take you back to October where this country honoured its top citizens with the Order of Canada.

Of course all of the headlines went to Doctor Henry Morgentaler.

The prominent abortion-rights activist received the Order from the Governor General -- despite opposition from a handful of Canadians who said they would return their insignia.

Morgentaler received the honour because quote -- his efforts mean Canadian women are not in danger when they get an abortion.

But this commentary is not about Doctor Morgentaler -- or whether abortion is right or wrong.

Did you know that 19 other Canadians were bestowed with the Order of Canada.

I bet you didn't -- and I think that is wrong.

Former Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada Louise Arbour received the Order of Canada -- she is known around the world as a protector of human rights.

Arbour is the former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and she was also the subject of a made for TV movie about her quest to indict Bosnian war criminals.

Prominent Montreal fashion designer Simon Chang also received the honour last month -- a Canadian who has succeeded around the world with a collection of clothes, fragrances, accessories and jewelry that bear his name.

Maybe just as controversial as Morgentaler for some -- Larry Tanenbaum -- the Chair of Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment -- also received the Order of Canada.

Some Leafs fans may oppose the honour -- but Tanenbaum was recognized for his business success and his work with charities and Mount Sinai hospital.

Who is to blame -- well the media of course -- going for the quick headline and picking out the most controversial story about Morgentaler.

But don't you think our government should have done a better job highlighting the achievements of the 19 other Canadians who received this country's top civilian honour.

We are known as people who like everyone -- I mean -- it just doesn't seem Canadian to focus on only one.

From Where I Sit, I'm Manny Paiva


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