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September 14, 2012
Daryl Morris
by: Daryl Morris

Looking For Affordable Food

I'll admit it. I'm not green.

I don't do absolutely everything I can to save the environment.

Do I feel guilty about it? Sometimes. Do I feel guilty enough to change? Nope.

I do the recycling thing. I turn off lights and appliances when I'm not using them.

But do I buy all organic locally grown and produced food? No. Do I check all of my clothing labels to make sure they are made with some sort of recycled fibre? No.

Because I can't afford to. And I don't think a lot of people can.

I applaud anyone who can. It takes a tremendous amount of time, energy and effort --- and if you can fit that into the already hectic everyday routine, then kudos.

But I've recently read a few things that make me feel less guilty.

In Reader's Digest, one article argues recycling is actually a waste of time and money. But don't say it in Canada!! And don't tell your kids -- they've all grown up believing it helps.

But fair point --- a lot of the energy expended to recycle materials into another useful material, just puts more pollution and emissions in our air than that bottle would do lying in the landfill.

As for the 100 Mile Diet --- there's a reason certain things don't grow in certain areas of the world, or at certain times of the year, and rigging up greenhouses and changing local climates will hurt the environment and cost more than shipping containers.

Don't get me wrong, if it's locally grown, good quality, and the right price -- I'll always choose it first.

But I'm not going to pay a premium on a banana just because somebody three doors down from me managed to simulate Southeast Asia's climate in January.

I'm Daryl Morris


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Posted: 2012-09-14 14:07:47

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