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September 13, 2012
Dan McLean
by: Dan McLean

Teachers Have A Good Deal

Premier Dalton McGuinty spoke to reporters yesterday at George Brown College in Toronto and urged teachers to do what they’ve always done and return to coaching and running school clubs, things they do as part of their jobs and not for extra pay, regardless of how mad they are at him and his so called anti-union legislation.
The Premier to his credit reminded teachers their beef is with the Liberal government and not students and if they want to take their anger out on some one take it out on him and his party when it comes time to vote.
It was his first media scrum since the Liberals joined the Conservatives, Tuesday to ram through the legislation that so upset the teachers in the first place. 
Remember the reasons -- freezing teachers’ wages, banning strikes and lockouts for two years, cutting sick days in half from 20 to 10 per year and ending the  banking sick days for up to half a years pay.
The last time I talked about this legislation I said it would cost McGuinty last Thursday’s by-election at least in Kitchener-Waterloo and his much desired majority -- it did.
Remember I also said this is just the beginning of this kind of negotiation for all public service sectors, well it would seem police and firemen could well be next.
Mr. McGuinty, who has led the Liberal party for 16 years and been Premier for nine, also said he absolutely plans to lead the Liberals into the next election.
I'm Dan McLean and From Where I Sit and I've said it before, I think the teachers have already got a better deal than most Canadians could ever hope for but I also think Ontarians have had enough of his over spending and his heavy handed leadership.  
One more bout of negotiations with any group like the teachers and rumour has it he could get another election as early as next spring if there is not a leadership review before then that makes the decision for him.


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Posted: 2012-09-14 14:05:59

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