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September 12, 2012
Jim Birchard
by: Jim Birchard

Let's Keep Quebec

Well here we go again.

Another separatist government in Quebec and the spectre of another referendum looms on the distant horizon, although being in a minority situation, the PQ government probably wont be playing its referendum card in the next little while.

So this once again bring up the question of what happens if Quebec votes to separate from the rest of the Country?

A lot of Canadians this time around are probably going to say who cares and let them go.

Looking back what has Quebec really contributed to Canada since Confederation.

Some would say not a lot, as that province has always used the separation threat as a way to constantly dip its hand into the federal cookie jar to try and get away with more than its fair share of treats.

Maybe its time for the Federal government to act more like a concerned parent dealing with a spoiled child and put its foot down and say no more.

What really has Quebec given us over the years. Well there is poutine.

That's a real contribution. Of course there is Celine Dion and the Quebec Nordic.

We cant forget the Montreal Canadians and the Montreal Expos.

And Quebec gave us Expo 67 and the 76 Olympics which at the time resulted in huge cost overruns and a national lottery to help pay for Montreal's debt.

Quebec has given us some interesting and controversial politicians both good and bad.

And of course Quebec has given Canada Mordecai Richler and Montreal smoked meat.

Well maybe on reflection, we should keep Quebec, if for nothing else the smoked meat and poutine.

I'm Jim Birchard


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Posted: 2012-09-14 14:02:50

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