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September 6, 2012
Dan McLean
by: Dan McLean

Will Anything Change?

Voters in Vaughn and Kitchener-Waterloo will go to the polls today to fill seats vacated by Liberal Greg Sorbara and Conservative Elizabeth Witmer.

According to those who know such things "Vaughn - Sorbara's former riding is a safe seat for the Liberals but Kitchener Waterloo is not so safe, in fact those same "in the know people" seem to think the NDP have the edge in that riding.

I don't know about you but I've barely heard the names of those who are running for office in either byelection, nor have I heard any community issues out of either Kitchener Waterloo or Vaughn.

But whatever the issues, voters in Kitchener-Waterloo and Vaughn will decide if Premier McGuinty’s Liberals will gain a tiny majority over the opposition or be sent back to the legislature to continue working out difficult compromises with the Tories and New Democrats.
I've heard a great deal about party issues and the fact that the premier and other party leaders have been politicking in the area as recently as last night but I still am not sure if Ornge, the teacher legislation and all the other smoke screens thrown up in the last month or so are in fact community issues.

The Provincial Debt certainly is an issue that can be called local in every community in the province.

We keep hearing the number 15 Billion but during this campaign I don't recall hearing anyone talking seriously about reducing that debt, all that important information got caught up in the noise about the teachers contracts, the Ornge inquiry, all day kindergarten and a host of other issues that put this province that much in the hole.

In case we've forgotten, Elizabeth Witmer's departure left the Legislature deadlocked at 53 Liberal MPPs and 53 opposition MPPs, 36 PC and 17 New Democrats.

And after the polls close tonight I guess we'll see if McGuinty gets his tiny majority or things just go back to status quo.

I'm Dan McLean and From Where I Sit I think the needs of the communities involved in these two byelections have been superceded by party politics and when this is all over, we will still be in the same leaky boat we were in last week.


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Posted: 2012-09-14 13:57:21

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