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August 2, 2012
Dan McLean
by: Dan McLean

Careless With Our Information


Given all the hype we hear about protecting our personal information this day and age it is shocking to me to hear this week that two workers at Elections Ontario failed to take the most basic actions to protect that information and in fact lost the personal information of an estimated two and a half million Ontario voters.

You have no doubt heard of the the two USB keys with our names addresses, genders, birth dates and whether we voted in the last election, disappeared at the end of April

The information on the two misplaced little memory sticks was neither encrypted nor password-protected, I'm thinking that is somehow supposed to be protection.

The information on those two keys may seem pretty innocent but it is just the kind of information that could be used to try to get at our credit cards or for other scams like phony passports.

Ontario's chief electoral Officer Greg Essensa said for someone to get at the information they would need special Elections Ontario Software, really, that doesn't make me feel any better or any more secure.

Computer geeks can hack the most secure systems in the world I'm sure passwords and software which were not present would provide little or no security in their hands.

Then Essensa advises us to watch for questionable personal transaction statements from governments, financial institutions and businesses, that certainly didn't enhance my feeling of security.

It would seem our government, financial institutions and medical providers reliance on computerized data are putting us at risk.

I'm Dan McLean and From Where I Sit -- this massive breach of public trust should never have happened especially at agency like elections Ontario.

Our personal and Private information must be properly protected and if our government can't guarantee it they shouldn't legislate laws that virtually force us to do so -- under threat of law and serious repercussions -- whatever they are!!!


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Posted: 2012-08-03 15:30:21

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