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July 9, 2012
Rick Stow
by: Rick Stow

Reflection Time For Holidays


By the time you hear this, I'll be on my way jetting to the Caribbean for a vacation in Trinidad.

I'm no world traveller. I can count the foreign lands I've been to on one hand; America, an earlier trip to Trinidad -- and Cleveland.

My spouse hails from Trinidad and Tobago. My last trip there was back in 1979.

What impressed me immediately was how green was the island, and how quickly the sun set.

Trinidad is off the coast of Venezuela, and there's only a ten minute variation all year on when the sun goes down.

There's virtually no twilight.

On my first trip, I took rolls and rolls of film! I recall rushing from place to place looking for specific shots I planned to display in albums once back home.

Because the island is almost evenly divided between people of African origin, and those whose ancestors were indentured from India, there are many examples of mosques and Hindu temples crammed into my photo albums from the last trip.

And therein is my lesson. I remember snapping a shot of the interior of a Hindu temple by stealth, and not really examining what I'd framed in the viewfinder until back home.

On the walls near the altar, written in Sanskrit characters and transcribed to Roman phonetics was the phrase, "Tat Twam Asi"- literally, "You are that" and more figuratively, "You are the substance of the universe."

Ironic that in my haste I didn't see it until I returned home.

Holidays aren't always a time for reflective contemplation -- and maybe they should be.

I'm Rick Stow


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Posted: 2012-07-11 12:29:53

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