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July 6, 2012
Jon Meyer
by: Jon Meyer

Too Much Money For Athletes

How much money is too much when it comes to the paper stack professional athletes rake in and pile up?

I guess it doesn't matter if their organizations continue to flourish and It looks like some certainly are.

They continue to flourish even during a time when our global markets are a fraud, scam or scoundrel away from crashing.

Lest we forget the title wave that hit us all following the Lehman Brothers blow-up in 2008. 

Of course that created a domino effect spinning global markets to a dizzying state of uncertainty.

How can the pay scale in professional sports keep going up when the clouds of recession remain, looming over us Teams, promoters and such are paying out ridiculous amounts to the faces of their sport. 

Some of the highest paid athletes this year may surprise you.

According to Forbes, fighter Floyd Mayweather tops the list at 85 million.

That's what he made this year. Just to knock someone out. At #2 is another fighter, Manny Pacquiao at 62 million followed by Tiger Woods

Are we disgusted by this, maybe, but I think our feelings are squashed by admiration  and celebration for athletes. It seems us sports fans all want a hero...maybe a little too much.

I'm Jon Meyer


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Posted: 2012-07-08 17:40:07

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