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July 4, 2012
Jim Birchard
by: Jim Birchard

Downloading Music Costs Big Time


It's good news for starving musicians out there who have been cheated out of their income by people downloading music for free.

Friday, Bill C-11 received Royal Assent and the The Copyright Modernization Act became law.

Officials in Canada's Music industry pleased with the passage of this bill because as they say, Canada now joins a long list of countries that recognize the importance of protecting intellectual property in the digital environment.

I recently had a chance to speak with Graham Henderson, President of Music Canada who says the illegal downloading of music has cost the Music Industry in Canada something in the order of one billion dollars.

He says in 1999 the music market in Canada was worth about 1.4 billion dollars.

Henderson says today that is worth about 400 million dollars.

He says the reason for that huge loss is because of people taking music without paying for it.

He says its not just the big music companies suffering its also the musicians who suddenly find their music is not providing them with any income any more.

Henderson says because of these downloads the music industry has seen the loss of hundreds of jobs as well.

He says the passage of Bill C-11 now gives the industry the resources to go after some of the big companies and shut down these bit torrent sites.

As the old saying goes there is no free lunch and its time for music lovers out there to actually pay for the music they want to consume.

Henderson says this new Copyright Act really should be looked at as a thou shalt not steal music, video games or film on line.

It's funny how some folks are upset when someone steals merchandise from a store, but when someone steals a musicians music or other intellectual property, its no big deal.

Well -- from now on it is a very big deal.

I'm Jim Birchard


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Posted: 2012-07-04 06:56:16

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