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June 29, 2012
Leslie Michaels
by: Leslie Michaels

Happy Canada Day

It's the Canada Day Long Weekend -- and it's a lot more than just the chance to have an extra day off.

It's a chance to celebrate all that Canada is...from the natural beauty of the mountains, river, lakes, oceans, forests, cities and towns, villages and farm country, to the wonderful people who live here.

Some say that there really is nothing definitive that portrays who we are as Canadians...I disagree...we are a nation of dignified, compassionate, tolerant and forward-thinking people, from a cross-section of cultures, religions and life styles, who for the most part are accepting and loving of each other.
Some say we are not very patriotic...I disagree with this as well...we just don't show our patriotism the way that say our neighbours to south know....boisterous flagging waving and chanting of Ca-Na-Da. We are quieter about our national pride, but just as proud of this great country we live in. I am not alone in tearing up when the national anthem is played and the flag is raised at an international sporting event...or when the Snowbirds fly overhead.
So take time this weekend to acknowledge all that we are so lucky to have as Canadians. Yes there are challenges, but we have the opportunities and the where-with-all to handle them and do our best to make Canada, the best country in the world.
Happy Canada Day!
I'm Leslie Michaels


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Posted: 2012-06-30 00:31:14

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