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June 27, 2012
Jim Birchard
by: Jim Birchard

The Safety Debate For Cyclists


Now the warm weather is here more and more people are hitting the road and using their bicycles to get to and from work, to run some errands or just get out and get a little exercise.

As more and more people get into riding, once again the age old conflict of motorist versus bicyclist comes into play.

Despite efforts by many pro biking advocates to educate motorists to share the road with those of us on our two wheeled vehicles, all to often we are virtually invisible to those people diving their two ton metal monsters.

Well that's what they look like from my perspective when I am on my 40 pound bicycle.

I try to use bicycle trails and paths as much as possible but there are time when I must venture out onto some of the cities streets and that is when the euphoria of a casual and enjoyable ride, suddenly turns to apprehension that despite my bright clothing, the fact I am hugging the right hand side of the road and constantly checking behind me, the person in that vehicle about to overtake me does not  even realize I am there.

I know that all the experts promoting healthy living and getting more exercise are encourage people to get out on their bikes and burn up some calories, it's that fear that my bicycle excursion could end up being not a trip to the corner store, but to the emergency room.

There are out there some bicycle riders who don't follow the rules of the road and as a result people like myself and other who do are tarred with the same brush by the motoring public who feel why should they share the road with cyclists who flaunt the rules and do stupid and dangerous things.

It's time for both sides in this dispute to recognize that everybody on a vehicle has the same rights when it comes to sharing our public roadways.

The sooner that happens the closer we will come to encouraging more environmental friendly forms of urban transportation.

I'm Jim Birchard


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Posted: 2012-06-27 01:12:55

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