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December 8, 2008
by: Maggie Clegg

The Federal and Ontario governments have a big decision to make.
The Canadian divisions of the three biggest automakers have asked for 6.8 billion dollars in loans and credit.
That's a lot of money and frankly I don't think they deserve it.
Take a look worldwide - the trend for years has been towards smaller and more fuel efficient vehicles, which are now the norm in Europe and Asia.
Even the Big Three make versions like those for the foreign markets - for example, Ford offers the Ka in Europe, it's a tiny city car that is not offered in North America.
Meanwhile, domestically we have seen big, inefficient gas guzzlers, such as SUVs, trucks, and ridiculous vehicles like GM's Hummer.
And when it comes to hybrids, automakers in North America have been very late in the game.
Japanese-based Toyota has been building a hybrid sedan, the Prius, since 1997.
Chevy's first comparable sedan, the Volt, isn't going to be out available until 2010 - that's 13 years later!
I believe the Big Three have dug themselves into this hole by not keeping up with the times, and continuing to build big inefficient vechicles.
And mismanagement should not be rewarded with a pat on the back and a big cheque in the bank.
People here who want fuel efficient and economical vehicles are are forced to buy foreign, for the most part.
And I don't blame them... I'm looking to buy from those same foreign manufacturers myself.
I know jobs are disappearing in the manufacturing sector at an alarming rate and I would like to support made in Canada products.
But not when they're outdated and there are such better choices out there.
From where I sit, I'm Maggie Clegg.

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